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About this loser

Yami---20---- Gay Pride Flag by Blues-Eyes-----him/her pronouns

my name is Yami and im a Zebra who goes to college. (Weird right?) I'm a huge nerd and i love gaming! i also love to make arts and think its purdy uwu. hmm... well i am in a lot of fandoms, like im not gonna list them all or it will be novel in its self. so here are some major ones; homestuck, pokemon,KLK, LoL, MtG, etc... im pretty outgoing and always welcome someone saying hi to me or starting a nice chat about a common interest, or just talk about what happened during the day. i love music a lot, mainly green day, lapfox, aerosmith, lady gaga and all that good stuff :3. umm... thats about it haha. thanks for reading.
i am on:
steam: code-scipio
skype: (please note me)
furaffinity: trippinxtremezebra (warning NSFW)
weasyl: TXZebra
tumblr: trippinxtremezebra
art tumblr: zebraserket
MiiVerse: TXZebra
League of Legends: TXZebra
neopets: Yuri_Lover_723
TTGL Stamp 2 by PataphyxLesbian stamp by TimelessReferenceLAPFOX TRAX stamp by toooshM:tG Mana Stamp by Nashidathis 8e the l8st one by DametoraRainbow Dash +Stamp+ by RainbowDashPlzStand Back Stamp by ladieofficalI luv Bass Stamp by I-am-Draycos.:I forget shit.: by Da-DingoLeague Of Legends Stamp by simoverdeKill La Kill Stamp: Ryuuko 4 by wow1076I Am You Are Me by azianwolfdollLARPing Stamp by Shelly-oneechanFurry, not a Freak-job by SpikytasticRoll Blue by xcc-stock


COMMISSION PROGRESS AND ALL THAT WONDERFUL JAZZ IS HERE! (things are slow at the moment due to college)
work day: Saturday from 12pm to 12 am

3) TAME inflation 10 page comic (1.5 of 10 done -panels posted in FA scraps)
5) Private Traditional Commission



any questions or comments please note me here or on FA.

IF I FORGOT TO POST YOUR COMMISSION ON HERE PLEASE NOTE ME AND I WILL AMEND IT RIGHT AWAY (i tend to forget things, but i have a record saved of all payments i have received)

also please do not constantly ask for an update on your commission... its really rude and i might refuse to finish your order if you do not treat me with respect. i am a person not an art machine

Hello Hello!

--------------------HOWDY HOOOO------------------------

Welcome to my page!
here is a nifty FAQ for you all!

1) do you accept requests or trades?
i do not accept requests, sorry. however, feel free to prattle ideas at me, i love to hear! trades are an iffy thing. depends on college really?

2) would you help me with something?
depends, really... if you need a few tips and pointers i will most likely help. big things i may or may not help with depending...

3) can i be your friend?
friendship isnt made by asking really... but if you wanna talk then sure! talking is a nice way to start a friendship.

4) do you use skype?
yes. if you would like it please note me.

5) can i use points for a commission?
though the point system is nice... i kinda need the money. sorry....

6) do you have brush settings?
yes i do. i dont give them out because its a really weird set up... i use a 100 px brush mang

7) when is the queue updated?
the royal queue is updated every saturday (or sunday if i am not online saturday). if there isnt a change that week, i was busy with college and apologize in advanced.

any more things that should be added please tell me!


Sep 15, 2014
8:27 am
Sep 14, 2014
6:37 am
Sep 13, 2014
6:22 am
Sep 12, 2014
7:25 pm
Sep 11, 2014
7:21 pm

worst back to school day ever

Tue Sep 2, 2014, 8:42 PM
just so much no

i mean yeah waking up early sucked, but what else is new. driving to school sucked, but thats old news... going to classes is lame, wow such old news!

and now for actual news!

so i walk into the cafe and wave hi to everyone before i visit the bathroom real quick and when i come back one of my female friends say they got my back. what? i know im crippled but what? apparently one of the nerds who barely know me asked if i was PREGNANT! OH MY FUCKING GOD NO, JUST NO. YOU DO NOT ASK SOMEONE THAT BECAUSE THEY ARE PUDGIER! YOU ARE SO LUCKY THERE ARE CAMERAS IN THE CAFE OR MY SCISSORS WOULD BE DOWN YOUR THROAT UGH! 
okay yeah, that was super rude. moving on. i had a friend i havent seen in a long while greet me with groping me then asking me for my bra size and keeps at it all day. please stop. 
and while driving friends around i NEARLY avoid three accidents
1) someone jumped in front of me and i almost hit their rear end cuz they were so close
2) someone tried to jump in front of me when they couldnt make it but still tried and almost took out my drivers side
3) a little black kid (in the dark) crosses the road ALONE and i dont see him (colorblindness) and almost get into a hate crime

then my friend was talking shit about my mom and bandit and i was really uncomfortable about it. i almost cried about it. like please stop. 

god i sound like a child ranting about it. but still....

i think im just gonna go to class tomorrow then go straight home. i just wanna snuggle with my plush friends and puppy for comfort. 

is it time to go to my other college? i wanna go real bad 

  • Mood: Pain
  • Listening to: nothing cuz im sad
  • Reading: skype messages
  • Watching: is the KLK OVA subs out?
  • Playing: nothing cuz im sad
  • Eating: nothing cuz im sad
  • Drinking: nothing cuz im sad

second season for KLK? 

3 deviants said heck yes!
No deviants said what? no!



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Let me hug you!
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